Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really give away 1 million dollars US?

Yes - it may be hard to believe, but we really do give the prize winner $1M worth of Ethereum!

We are able to do this because the Win1Million Prize Games run on the Ethereum Blockchain which keeps our costs extremly low - which means we can keep our entry fee also extremly... just 4% - of which we give half to good causes! Everything else goes into the prize pot.

How do I play

First of all you'll need some Ethereum Cryptocurrency. You may of heard about Ethereum already, but if not we're sure you would of heard of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin... well Ethereum is another type of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

You'll also need a Wallet to hold your Cryptocurrency and let you play Distributed Apps (dApps) such as the Win1Million game. For the desktop we highly recommend MetaMask and for Mobile use we recommend Coinbase Wallet - both are very secure and let you enjoy the new world of Crypto Apps and Games!

Is Safe

Absolutely! We aren't a scam or fake dApp - we can't actually take your money ourselves as we use Ethereum Smart Contracts to secure the gameplay!

The game is run from a smart contract which is verified at Etherscan - once deploed no one can make any alterations and the source code is available for audit and review. All funds are locked away for the prize funds only - the distribution to the winner is fully automatic, we have no access at all!

When you join a game at you are putting your entry into the distributed secure legder of the Ethereum Blockchain. When a game completes our secure service selects a random winner and automatically sends the winning amount.

How does the game work?

Simple - we have 4 games at the moment, with different amounts of prizes - $1m, $100,000, $10,000 and $1,000 prize. The reason for the different games is to allow different speed of prizes and gaming.... the smaller prize pots will fill up quickly and will be awarded very often, whilst the big $1million prize pot may take a little longer... but the wait will be worth it.

Gameplay is simple - solve the question to enter and then you can enter as much or little Ethereum as you wish. We take the 4% entry fee from each entry and the rest goes into the prize pot... as soon as the pot fills it is awarded to a winner - chosen at random, but you do have more chances of winning the more Ethereum you put in!

What if I change my mind

No problem! If you change your mind before a game has finished you can withdraw your entry... click the "withdraw" link on the game you have entered to do so. We can't return your entry fee but the rest will be returned back to your wallet.

How do I see the results

We publish the results of all completed games at:

We'll also publish all winner on our Twitter account too - so make sure you follow us there to be kept informed!

How do you select the winner?

We use a "Provably Fair" random selection method to choose a random number between 1 and 100,000,000 (100 million). This is requested from a third party service ( and via another third party service which provides an audit-able response (NotaryProxy) to ensure we haven't tampered with the result in any way!

Each player is assigned a range of "Luck Numbers" based on how much Ethereum that have played in the game. So as a basic example, if 2 players played a 1 Ethereum Prize Game and both played 0.5 Ethereum each:

Player 1: Wins with a result from 1 - 50,000,000
Player 2: Wins with a result from 50,000,001 -> 100,000,000

So - if every player played the same amount of Ethereum everyone would have an equal chance of winning... it wouldn't matter at which point you joined the game either.

Our Provably Fair system publishes the result to the blockchain - and automaticaly transfers the prize to the winner!

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To get in touch with the you can email us at - and you can also follow us and reach out at our Twitter account:

More Information is a Prize Competion running under the UK Gambling and Gaming Regulations where there is an element of skill required to eneter. You must complete a skill task to enter and then the final winner of each prize competition will then be selected by a provably fair random selection method. All results will be published at the close of each competion on this website and on our social media channels. For more information please click here.

The Win1Million Prize Competion run on the Ethereum Main-net, with the main contract available for audit at address: